~~Work hard. Play hard~~
Many say it. We live it. Odyssey employees share the hard-working, entrepreneurial spirit of our owners and their focus on customer satisfaction - and we put it to use all day, every day. We make it fun to passionately pursue our vision of the best customer service experience of a lifetime. Our commitments to customers, to one another and to our community are unparalleled, so we don't settle for great. We seek extraordinary.

Odyssey believes in a fun environment that our customers feel relaxed in and not pressured or feel like they have just walked the plank.  We like having fun with our guests as well as with other members of the Odyssey Team.  You may see us poking fun at each other but it's all in good fun and don't worry,  we will probably poke fun of you too. 
We want to see you having a great time, exchanging laughs, telling jokes and feeling like you can't wait for your phone to break so you have a reason to come back.  Well don't fret... You can come hang out with us anytime you please.  If you do feel that need to break your phone for an excuse to visit, no worries because we probably already talked about the benefits of that assurance plan you added.  If you walk out that door with a smile on your face wanting to tell the world about the service you experienced, then we have done our jobs and we have done them well.
John Sherman - Owner
Lindsey Seghi - Owner